You can enjoy summer and winter holidays made of nature, culture and traditional flavors.

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Laboratori artigianali per la lavorazione del legno
Laboratori artigianali per la lavorazione del ferro

A plunge into the local craftsmanship

Sottoguda is particularly famous and appreciated thanks to two ancient traditions: wrought iron manufacturing and wood carving.

Even the De Biasio family carries on this important craftsmanship in La Fosina, just a few steps away from the Sol e Nef: the complementary furniture of the apartments, like chandeliers and handles, have been made in its very workshop.

A short walk will take you to the artisan shop, where you can watch the artisans as they create wrought iron handicrafts.

These are beautiful gifts for yourself and your friends, as a magic souvenir of your holiday.

Close to “La Fosina” you will find “Artigianlegno” a typical shop with sculptures, relieves and wood objects, created according to the traditional methods and patterns.